Closing The Deal

There’s no standard time for closing deals that you initiated via DMs. Classify responses into cold, warm or hot. Hot responses are people who received your initial DM with enthusiasm, either in the way they replied or the questions they asked. For hot responses, follow up immediately by asking if they would like to make… Continue reading Closing The Deal

Avoid Copy And Paste Epistle

Instead of two pages of the life history of your product, have a template meant for just introducing your self or your brand. Nobody wants another landing page literature in their DM. Yes, I understand you want to say it all. But the DM is not the place and time. The consumer decision goes through… Continue reading Avoid Copy And Paste Epistle

Respect People’s Time

Make it worthwhile to hear from you. What can you say that would make even you want to listen to you? People, girls and boys inclusive, are first human beings with different agendas. Except you’re an influencer relevant to their favourite area of interest, or a brand they love, people are on social media for… Continue reading Respect People’s Time

Do Your Research

This doesn’t have to be an extensive research. Except for handles on private, or where the recipient has not made any post, most handles have timelines that can give you a clue or two about the person you’re targeting. Yes, even if they are posting only the glossy lifestyle or slay version of themselves. That,… Continue reading Do Your Research

Background Of Study

One of the most important skills in the world, since beginning of life on earth) is selling. The ability to convert another person or group of persons to our position or point of view has always been a natural skill for some people and a skill to be learnt for others. The huge irony is… Continue reading Background Of Study